Healthy Butternut Squash Soup

i LOVE butternut squash soup. i don't, however, love when you get a bowl that seems to have more heavy cream in it than squash ! not only because dairy, for the most part, hates me ... but also because i don't understand why the first thing people often do to healthy eats is load it up with shit that it doesn't need. butternut squash, the healthy version, is absolutely delicious and easy to make. so why complicate it with unnecessary ingredients ? i have made variations of this recipe at least a dozen times since last fall, and i feel like i have finally perfected my take on it. i have actually made this soup three times since i started the blog, unfortunately i would always get so excited that half way though, i would realize that i had forgotten to take photos ! but luckily, (for me and for you) today is a jewish holiday and my office was closed. therefor, instead of being buried under a mountain of jeans ... i, instead, got to put the apron on and enjoy a relaxing day in the kitchen. yay !

so let me start by saying that this soup is bombtastic times ten. seriously ... it's smooth, creamy, decadent, and most importantly : deeeeeeeeeelicious ! you won't even be able to tell that it is dairy free ( the secret is to throw in a couple russet potatoes to thicken the broth. ) also, before you run out to trader joes, also note that you will need a blender to finish the magic. i use a Vitamix Pro 200 Blender ( the rolls royce of blenders, if i do say so myself )

my ingredients :
  • whole organic butternut squash, cubed
  • 2 russet potatoes, cubed
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 1 onion, diced
  • couple stalks of celery, diced
  • fresh rosemary
  • fresh thyme
  • organic vegetable broth
  • couple taplespoons olive oil
  • tumeric and/or curry powder, to taste
  • salt/pepper, to taste
  • sour cream and bacon to garnish (optional)
alright, so the first thing i do is prepare and get the "trifecta of yummy" goin. that means to peel/dice the onion, garlic and celery then sweat 'em over medium heat in olive oil with a pinch of salt. while those three ingredients are cookin', go ahead and prep the stars of the show. you will need to peel the outer layer of the squash then cut off each end and slice it lengthwise down the center. then scoop out the seeds and cube the body, set aside. next, peel/cube the potatoes and set aside with the squash.
i usually put the rosemary and thyme into the "trifect of yummy" a few minutes before the squash/thyme so that the flavors have a chance to marry. then add the potatoes and squash. stir it up so that the olive oil gets a chance to evenly coat everything. at this point, i usually drizzle a little bit more olive oil. let that cook for a while, stirring occasionally, and add the tumeric and/or curry powder. once the squash/potatoes have cooked a bit, add enough veggie broth to cover everything. ( note : the veggie broth will reduce as it cooks. as it does, add water. ) reduce heat and let it simmer for about thirty minutes or until the potatoes and squash are super tender/easy to fall apart.

once the potatoes/squash are cooked thoroughly, i remove the stems from the thyme/rosemary. then put everything into the blender and let it go at full blast until everything is blended evenly. be sure to only fill the blender about half way each time, and do it in a couple batches instead of trying to do all at once. and whallah ! le soup : she is finished ! as is, it is dairy free / vegan and ready to be enjoyed. if you want to live on the wild side, a little dollop of sour cream + a sprinkle of bacon bits takes it over the top. turbo delish ... and a wonderful way to welcome the fall. also, note that this soup also holds up really well in the fridge; i actually think it tastes even better the second day. enjoy !

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  1. Did you get a new Vitamix?? Not from me.. I can get the PRO's to you know :) and for 399 for that one, its 529 on the website :)

    Love the recipe.. and miss you, thanks for the post