SPINACH for dessert ? YUP !

few months back, i stopped by the local whole food's with the sole purpose to maul their self service salad bar. i walked into that place like i had a homing device strapped to my back. dodging children and old folk alike, i only had one thought running through my mind : must. find. hummus. with no intention to linger or impulse shop for thirty seven dollar a pound locally-grown organic cherries, it would have taken a miracle to make me stray course. but that's just what happened. a miracle. a spinachy-ice-creamy-miracle.

see, at that time, i had already owned a vitamix for about seven or eight months. i loved it. how could i not ? it's like the rolls royce of blenders. it is, by far, (one of) the sexiest things i have ever had on my kitchen counter ... and while i was already comfortable having blades spin at 240mph on my command, i hadn't really explored all that the machine was capable of. until now. enter : vitamix demo day. the homie ingo was serving some ridiculously good corn chowder in tiny little dixie cups as i was storming bye. need less to say, he stopped me in my tracks. the soup smelled delicious and tasted just the same. while i was devouring it, he made promises of a healthy dessert ... made with spinach. oh ? really ? well, now... i just had to stay for that ! and sure enough, mister demo delivered. the ice cream that he prepared was bomb-tastic times ten. 
in fact, it was so bomb-tastic that i ended up spending over an hour at that market on what was supposed to be a fifteen minute recon mission ala already-prepared middle eastern delights. well, not anymore : i immediately needed to go home and attempt this magical frozen mystery on my own. the hummus would have to wait. i shifted gears and set out with a new grocery check-list in hand. bananas ? check. spinach ? check. organic apple juice concentrate ? check. check. check. i was ready to get this party started ! now, while i cannot take full credit for this dessert, i did make a few adjustments to suite my fancy. feel free to do the same. consider this a blank canvas. waiting for you to paint on it ...

here is what you will need :
  • raw spinach
  • organic juice concentrate
  • a banana
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
and here is how you do it : first, get'cho vitamix ready ... (if you don't know what a vitamix is, check this out : Vitamix Pro 200 Blender seriously, 'tis the rolls royce of blenders. i highly recommend one. don't worry, your kitchen will thank me for it later)

you want to start by pouring just enough of the fruit juice concentrate into the container to cover the blades. (mister demo recommended apple juice concentrate ... so you should probably start with that and then feel free to experiment once you've made it a few times and know what you are getting into) after pouring the juice, add a healthy dose of both cinnamon and nutmeg .. also vanilla extract to taste. then add a whole lot of raw spinach. personally, i always go for at least two or three heaping handfulls ... then a whole banana. (banana can also go before the spinach) lastly, top off the blender with a lot of ice. they say to use three parts ice to one part liquid. here are some tips : the riper the banana, the better the ice cream. if you have an under-ripe banana, you might want to add a little bit of organic agave nectar to it or whatnot. i once made it with apple-kiwi concentrate and it was sooooo good. it was definitely the sweetest of all the times that i made it. if you are making this for a kid who is used to a sweeter type of ice-cream, etc, it might be a good idea to start with the apple-kiwi or grape concentrates first. i found those to be a lot more tart in this application. plus, it could be a good opportunity to hide some greens in their diet. once you get all of the ingredients in the container, start the machine on low and then gradually speed it up until you have to flip the switch to high. use the tamper to shove the ice down, and let the machine work it's magic. 

at this point, if it looks more like soup than ice cream, add more ice (also consider adding more banana if needed to get that creamy consistency) if you didn't have enough water to boot, you might temporarily overheat your motor and the machine will automatically shut off to kool down. this happened to me once when i was making raw energy bars. just wait five to ten minutes before you turn it back on. (don't freak out, it's totally normal, and the machine comes with a seven year warranty so you owe it to yourself to use the hell out of it. don't be skrrrrd.) you will be able to tell pretty quickly when the ice cream is ready. if you're not sure, peek under the lid and just look to see that its all smooth and creamy without hunks of spinach anywhere. unless you like hunks of spinach. if so, then rock on !

this is one of my favorite things to make; and it's always a crowd pleaser. i hope you get as much enjoyment out of this recipe as i do. thanks a million ! t.


  1. to anyone reading this.... you need to make this!!! we gobbled some down after spinning...along with the most amazing soup that made me lick the bowl clean...literally...Delish!!!! two thumbs up!!

    1. healthy butternut squash recipe coming soon ! omnomnom.