Balsamic Strawberry Sorbet, FTW !

if only all of my experiments were this successful. either i have watched one too many episodes of chopped or i really did get high during spinning tonight. regardless, i thought of this little number while driving home and trying to figure out inventive of ways to utilize the leftover juice concentrate that was kickin' it in my fridge. you know, aside from just drinking it, cause that'd be soooo boring.

the ingredients :
  • frozen organic strawberries
  • balsamic vinegar
  • organic apple juice concentrate
  • whole banana
  • black pepper
  • ice
since strawberries are already so sweet (unlike yesterday's spinach ice cream recipe) i decided to dilute the concentrate by about 75% with water. i then poured the juice concentrate into the vitamix (check out : Vitamix Pro 200 Blender) til it completely covered the blades and added about 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
next, i added two big pinches of black pepper, the whole fresh banana and about two cups of frozen strawberries. top it all off with ice and begin to blend on low, slowly increasing the speed til you flip to switch to full blast. use the tamper to push the ice, ect, into the blades as needed. (tip : make sure that you have enough liquid in the blender to start off with, otherwise you can easily overheat the motor and the vitamix will shut itself off. if this happens, wait five minutes for it to cool down before givin' it another go.) you'll know that the sorbet is ready when you pop the lid and it looks like the photo shown ... as you can see, there are four distinct lines in the mixture almost resembling a flower. when i made it tonight, it had a bit more of a smoothie consistency straight out of the blender, so i poured it into a separate bowl and into the freezer for twenty minutes to firm up. worked like a charm.

when ready to serve, you should definitely drizzle more of the balsamic vinegar on top with an extra sprinkle of black pepper. (as shown in the photo) i'm pretty sure that the leftover sorbet will be rock hard tomorrow morning, so keep that in mind if you plan to make it in advance; you may need a little thaw time in order to scoop it ... i am SUPER stoked about this concoction. please drop me a note if you give it a go and lemme know how it turns out. thanks and much love, t.


  1. omg!!!!!!! i'm drooling!! next time you think of making such amazingness....call me girl!!! i will be on my way in 2 seconds!

    1. i've got about two cups in the freezer. let's DO IT !